Nail Training Courses

Nail Training

What nail training course should I choose?

Our acrylic and gel combined course is our most popular as we find it is 50 50 clients who want acrylic nails and clients who want gel nails.

Acrylic nails are super strong, but, with gel nails, you can then offer the highly popular gel nail polishes which are very profitable for nail technicians.  You would have more choice for your clients and so not lose potential clients.

Can i do 2  nail systems in one day?

Yes we have been teaching this method for about 2 years but teaching nails for over 16 years, so we know it works, as many students tell us and go on to earn a good income from our 2 system nail courses.

Why should i choose Top Talons over other Companies for my nail training?

Take a look at our superb value for money prices! And our kit sizes! And our reviews.  No competition.... Check out our accreditation with Beauty Guild, we have nothing to hide.

Plus, we also offer beauty courses and we have over 26 years experience in the nail industry, teaching for over 16. We also have specialist gel nail trainers too for our coloured gel courses.  All our nail training courses are accredited by Beauty Guild, so you can be guaranteed to be able to get insured to run your own business, in nails.

What are the benefits of doing a nail training course?

You can work your own hours, work round the kids AND get well paid WELL EVERYDAY!

You are in Chesterfield, why would I travel to you for my nail training?

Because of our high quality nail training, but low prices. You will not find better value in your location.  PLus we do NOT use hotel rooms or use other training venues that we may not have checked out like many Companies.

Do I need a model for my nail training?

No we practise on ech other, so you do it and feel how it is to have it done.

Do i need to buy a kit?

Most of our courses are including kits, and so do not have to worry what to buy.  Many courses you would need to purchase seperate kits.

What to I wear?

Casual clothes no uniforms as many other students may not have a uniform.

What product range is it?

Nouveau Nails, high quality but excellent prices.

Why is your nail training course so cheap?

Why are other Coampnies so expensive!!  (who pays for their marketing)

What about the new gel polishes

Yes these are new and clients love them, it is well worth learning gel nail polishes and manicures and coming on our course to find out how to do this treatment.  It is VERY profitable for you.

Do I get a Certificate?

Yes all our nail courses are accredited by Beauty Guild, check us out!  You get a certificate and can get insurance for your nail business from our nail training.

Do you offer beauty courses too?

Yes we offer many beauty, eyelash, make up and hair courses on our sister website

Waxing courses, eyelash tinting courses, facial courses, and many more....

How long are your nail training courses?

All our courses are one day as we only have small groups and have trained people over many years.

What about College?

Takes 3 months - 3 years!  And very often up to 40 per class!